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 Well Pump Problems Needing Repair

Well pumps are generally very reliable, but just like any other piece of equipment, they can break down and have problems. If any of these common issues happen to your system call Master Plumbers of Poplar Bluff MO for professional pump repair services.

  • Well Pump Motor – There are a couple common motor problems. A bad starter switch will prevent the motor from actually starting up.

  • Well Pump Electrical – Sometimes the wires powering the motor can come loose or start to deteriorate. If the issue is not related to the electricity actually getting to the motor, then it likely is the motor itself.

  • No Water – If the well pump motor starts up but water still isn’t coming into your home, there could be a couple of different issues. Your pump may have lost its prime, the foot valve or strainer may be clogged or, if it’s very cold where you live, the pipes might be frozen.


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